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In today's competitive world, the struggle to excel begins at a very young age - in the classroom; academic excellence is a crucial stepping stone to every child's career and future. With the ever increasing course load and the introduction of challenging subjects, students need extra guidance to score well at school and on aptitude tests. Parents may not find enough time to provide this dedicated guidance due to the lack of time and juggling between the schoolwork of multiple offspring, this is where K-12 academic tutoring services come in handy; your child's education is our topmost priority.

Mount Vernon Tutoring at it's Best

At Tutor Troops we understand that each child has their own unique potential and weaknesses and special attention must be paid to the individual student. Keeping this in mind, we offer personal tutors for your child based on their requirements, our tutors are flexible and adapt their teaching methodology to your child's needs. Furthermore, our Mount Vernon tutors conduct lessons at your child's location of preference, in their comfort zone, be it your home or a library. Our affordable packages and dynamic approach leaves no room for doubt that this is the best investment for any student's career. You are a phone call away from providing your child quality education and tutoring, contact us to discuss in depth regarding your special requirements and we will select a Mount Vernon tutor that best suits your needs. Our Mount Vernon tutors sketch out a personalized plan for each student, keeping their aspirations and strengths as our utmost priority, this approach helps to hone the skills of the student and leads to a prolific improvement in grades and performance.

Initial Assessment with our Mount Vernon Tutors

Your Mount Vernon tutor tutor will have a chat with you about your concerns, your goals and your suggestions. They are likely to ask you about your observations of your child and will ask you questions about your child’s attitudes, what kind of things are they are most interested in, what kind of situations make them feel threatened, as well as a variety of other questions that will help them paint a picture of your child’s situation and what strategies may be useful to assist with their tutoring. Your tutor will also have an introductory interview with your child to assess numerous factors such as what areas they may be struggling with, what interests and personal strengths they already have and what learning style they are best suited to.

This session usually takes approximately 1 hour. After the session is over, your tutor will chat with you about their assessment and discuss a plan of action for how your child’s tutoring should proceed. They will also be in contact with your child’s school teachers to ask for their feedback and assistance. Here at Tutor Troops, we will also be in touch, providing you with helpful resources and advice all throughout the process.

A Team Approach is the Best Approach

At Tutor Troops, we believe that people achieve greater goals when they work together as a team. Our goal is to provide you with the network of support needed to help your child achieve their academic goals. The following 5 players are on the team for your child’s success:

Tutors in Mount VernonParents

No one knows your child as well as you do, and no one else is better suited to guide their direction in life than what you are. Your tutor will provide you with constant feedback about your child’s progress and continuously seek your feedback to assist them with formulating strategies.

Tutors in Mount VernonStudents

Being constructionist teachers, we believe that a student learns best when they have control over their own learning. Your tutor will provide your child with choices at each step along the way, and ensure that their learning is structured in a way that your child enjoys and feels comfortable about.

Tutors in Mount VernonMount Vernon Tutors

Your tutor is your families own private expert and is flexible to help you in whatever ways you require. Regardless of their background or qualifications, we hand select tutors based on their proven ability to communicate effectively and build confidence in young people. All our tutors are trained by our organization in our teaching philosophies and coaching techniques.

Tutors in Mount VernonTutor Troops

Most tutoring simply match you with a tutor, collect fees and play no other role. At Tutor Troops, we have an ongoing relationship with our families by providing constant support and ongoing access to our parent resources. You will have access to our 24/7 customer support line, our online forums as well as regular email newsletters which contain a wealth of information and advice.

Tutors in Mount VernonThe School

Your child’s school is already playing a fundamental part in your son or daughter’s education and we should not forget that their school teachers are extremely valuable assets in your child’s education. Our belief is that the best tutoring is done in conjunction with the education your school is already providing. We will be in regular communication with your child’s teachers to ensure that your tutor is following their class curriculum. Moreover, many teachers are well aware of their students’ needs which cannot reasonably be attended to in class. Many teachers are therefore delighted to find that one of their students is receiving extra help outside of the classroom, and are only happy to advise tutors on how keep close to the path their class is heading.

Mount Vernon Tutoring ONE-ON-ONE IN YOUR OWN HOME

We believe that only a one-to-one approach offers children the individualized attention they require to get the most out of their tutoring.

One-to-One: The Most Efficient Ratio

The unfortunate reality of the school system is that one teacher can only do so much in a classroom comprising of students with different needs,challenges, learning styles, abilities and strengths. The larger the number of children in the class, the larger the variation of these (and other) factors. This means that that the efficiency with which the teacher can accommodate all these factors into their teaching becomes increasingly difficult.

In an one-on-one environment however, a teacher becomes a personal coach as well as a facilitator of learning. This way, your child’s personal tutor can tailor their lessons around your child’s individual circumstances, and continuously adapt their coaching around your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

The Benefits of One-to-One:

Your Mount Vernon tutor will adjust their teaching style and use of resources depending on your child's learning strengths.

Your tutor will progress their teaching as your child progresses in their learning and will strategically cover each area your child needs assistance with to develop new strengths thoroughly and efficiently.

Your tutor will adapt their communication style and teaching resources according to your child's personal interests to make learning more engaging, interesting and fun.

Your tutor will identify hurdles in your child's attitude, confidence and motivation whilst implementing strategies to overcome these and create a new passion for learning.

Mount Vernon Tutors - We Come to You.

Having your Mount Vernon tutor come to your own home (or another location that suits you) not only makes life much more convenient for busy parents, it creates a more comfortable learning environment.

Having other students in the room creates a distraction. Moreover, when a student may be embarrassed about struggling to understand something, they may be more reluctant to ask for as much assistance as they really need if their peers are observing. In addition to preventing them from receiving adequate assistance, the pressure of a competitive classroom environment (such as learning centers) can increase stress hormones in the brain which affect memory, concentration and learning capacity. In an one-on-one environment in the home however where the child knows that they do not have to be afraid that any weaknesses will be on display to their peers, it eliminates the barrier of fear and creates a nurturing learning environment free of pressure and distractions.

Studies also show that stress hormones which impair cognitive function are lower in familiar environments where the student feels more comfortable. There is no environment more familiar than the home. (If the home environment can be stressful however, an alternative location can be discussed with your tutor.)

Moreover, with your tutor in your own home, you are always within earshot and are better placed to know what is going on. This way you can also discuss your child’s tutoring progress with your tutor after every lesson.

The benefits of your tutor coming to your home:

  • Most convenient. Save time and travel expense
  • No distractions caused by other students in a class
  • No stress of a competitive peer pressure environment
  • Familiar, comfortable environment enhances learning capacity



My son was homeschooled therefore it was very important that I found a tutor that was comfortable and wlecoming for my child. Tutor Troops was a perfect FIT! He's not only learning which makes my job easy as a parent.

Ahmad Raza

We used the services of Tutor Troops to assist our HS Senior with taking the ACT. I would recommend Tutor Troops to anyone looking to improve their ACT/SAT scores in preparation for college. Thank you Tutor Troops for your services, our family are highly appreciative and pleased.

Chancey Hayward

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