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In today's competitive world, the struggle to excel begins at a very young age - in the classroom; academic excellence is a crucial stepping stone to every child's career and future. With the ever increasing course load and the introduction of challenging subjects, students need extra guidance to score well at school and in aptitude tests. Parents may not find enough time to provide this dedicated guidance due to the lack of time and juggling between the schoolwork of multiple offspring, this is where K-12 academic tutoring services come in handy; your child's education is our topmost priority.

At Tutor Troops we understand that each child has their own unique potential and weaknesses and special attention must be paid to the individual student. Keeping this in mind, we offer personal tutors for your child based on their requirements, our tutors are flexible and adapt their teaching methodology to your child's needs. Furthermore, our tutors conduct lessons at your child's location of preference, in their comfort zone, be it your home or a library. Our affordable packages and dynamic approach leaves no room for doubt that this is the best investment for any student's career. You are a phone call away from providing your child quality education and tutoring, contact us to discuss in depth regarding your special requirements and we will select a tutor that best suits your needs. Our tutors sketch out a personalized plan for each student, keeping their aspirations and strengths at topmost priority, this approach helps to hone the skills of the student and leads to a prolific improvement in grades and performance.



My son was homeschooled therefore it was very important that I found a tutor that was comfortable and wlecoming for my child. Tutor Troops was a perfect FIT! He`s not only learning which makes my job easy as a parent.

Ahmad Raza

We used the services of Tutor Troops to assist our HS Senior with taking the ACT. I would recommend Tutor Troops to anyone looking to improve their ACT/SAT scores in preparation for college. Thank you Tutor Troops for your services, our family are highly appreciative and pleased.

Chancey Hayward

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